1 Year Accelerated Nursing Programs

Students can go back to school and earn their BSN in as little as a year with a fast track program in nursing. There’s a huge demand for new nursing professionals to join the field and therefore these accelerated programs are growing rapidly as well, providing individuals like yourself a fantastic opportunity to move ahead quickly.

When you already hold a degree, you can choose from any number of hundreds of different BSN fast track nursing programs and get your BSN in just 12 months in most cases. Or if you’d prefer, you can get a masters or doctorate level degree in a nursing or medical field in a very short time as well.

In 2009, a nursing degree was the fourth most in demand, which means this is a profession on the rise. A career in this field offers many benefits, including great growth potential, amazing intrinsic rewards, high salaries and a diverse collection of specific jobs and places of employment as well.

An accelerated or fast track program works by speeding up everything involved with the schooling process. It will be a short but intense trip, with more classes in less time. Your curriculum will be much more condensed, with little to no time off in between class sessions, as opposed to entire summers and winters off with a traditional semester system. But when you take advantage of this properly, you can finish up your entire degree in as little as a year, maybe 15 months at the most. You just have to really be ready to go all out and dive in with your full energy and commitment so that you can handle these rigorous challenges.

As mentioned, to enroll in an accelerated BSN program that lasts a year, you should already hold a bachelors. Otherwise, expect this type of degree to take up to 2 years or more to complete through an online fast track nursing program. Expect to find courses ranging from anatomy and physiology to biology, pharmacology and even administrative and communication courses potentially.

A fast track BSN like this will be a rigorous challenge, but it provides many great benefits. Imagine embarking on an entirely new career in just a year’s time. This is a growth field, and there is a huge range of job and career options available. Nurses are in extreme demand right now, and you’ll enjoy a rewarding career that will always be in need due to its nature. With an accelerated BSN you’ll be on your way in no time at all to a better and brighter future in a career that you really love.

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  1. boris says:

    Agree – these programs continue to excel.

  2. Jim says:

    This is one area of the jobs market that continues to show strong growth – wish other professional fields would follow suit.

  3. Brenda says:

    Accelerated programs are the way to go !

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