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We look at the advantages of using accelerated or fast track nursing programs now being offered by an increasing number of respected and established schools and colleges.

These accelerated programs can give you your bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN) in as little as 12 months. Putting you in the perfect position to start your new and exciting career in nursing.

All About Accelerated Nursing Programs

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1 Year Accelerated Nursing Programs

Students can go back to school and earn their BSN in as little as a year with a fast track program in nursing. There's a huge demand for new nursing professionals to join the field and therefore these … [Read More...]

2nd Degree Accelerated Nursing Programs

Second Degree Accelerated BSN Programs

A second degree nursing program is an intensive, full-time study course that can be undertaken by those who have already acquired a diploma in virtually any undergraduate or master's degree . This … [Read More...]


What is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Accelerated Nursing Programs are fast track Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree programs being offered by a growing number of well established and highly respected colleges and … [Read More...]

Nursing Careers

Why Choose A Career In Nursing? Get The Facts

If you've been thinking about starting a nursing career, then you'll be happy to know that there are many things working in your favor right now. A nursing career can be amazing and intrinsically … [Read More...]


Is There A Growing Demand For Accelerated Nursing Programs?

Is there a growing demand for accelerated nursing programs? Both the quick and the long answer to that question is a resounding, "Yes!" In fact, there are many different reasons why the accelerated … [Read More...]

Fast Track Nursing Programs Support

Why Are Colleges And Universities Supporting Accelerated Nursing Programs?

The growth of accelerated nursing programs has been pretty phenomenal over the past decade. This includes both the number of students who are enrolled with these programs each and every year, and the … [Read More...]

Accelerated Nursing Programs Nursing Shortage

Is There A Nursing Shortage?

Just hearing the phrase "nursing shortage" can make people cringe. After all, everyone is reliant upon health care in some form or another throughout their lives, and when there aren't enough … [Read More...]

Accelerated Nursing Program Prerequisites

What Are The Prerequisites For Acceptance Into An Accelerated Nursing Program?

If you're reading this, then you're already one of the thousands of individuals who is looking towards accelerated nursing programs to try to begin a new career. Before you jump right in though, you … [Read More...]


How Long Does It Take To Complete An Accelerated Nursing Program?

The biggest question on the minds of most prospective students getting started with an accelerated nursing program is how long the program actually takes. In truth, this can depend on any number of … [Read More...]

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What Does The Course Structure Of An Accelerated Nursing Program Involve?

Before beginning an accelerated nursing program, most prospective students want to know for themselves what the training and learning itself will actually be like. How long does it take, and what … [Read More...]

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What Are The Job Opportunities For Those Completing Their Accelerated Nursing Program?

Getting started with a new nursing career can be extremely exciting. It can also be a bit daunting as well. Before you enroll for an educational program, you should know what kinds of nursing jobs may … [Read More...]

Nurses Salary

What Is The Salary Once An Accelerated Nursing Program Is Completed?

The good news for prospective nursing students is that a nurses salary is on the rise right now, and the potential for advancement and higher earnings throughout a career is huge. With an accelerated … [Read More...]

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Should You Choose an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Where to Begin?Before deciding if an accelerated nursing program is for you, being aware of the basics is a good idea. The programs are for those who wish to become a part of the field of nursing … [Read More...]

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Accelerated Nursing Programs For Those Without A Bachelors Degree

  Obtaining a BSN through an accelerated nursing program is growing in popularity each and every year, and really, each and every semester. More and more individuals are realizing the great … [Read More...]

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Accelerated Masters Degree In Nursing Programs – What you Need To Know

A masters degree in nursing can open up the doors to a huge range of both rewarding and high paying careers and job opportunities. Going the extra step and fulfilling your post-grad requirements for … [Read More...]

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